Kathmandu Factory

Photographs of our K1 supplier in Kathmandu. Taken by Bibhas Suwal
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a woman holding a piece of paper standing next to a door in a factory building
Production assistant Ramita collecting wash samples...
a group of people standing next to each other in a room filled with shelves and boxes
Joe Komodo with some of the team... Embroidery expert Shuko (2nd from left) Gorgeous George (centre) Suresh (far right)
a woman is working on some type of machine
Spinning hand dipped space dye yarn
a room filled with lots of clothes and clutter
Sampling room
a man sitting on a stool in a room with lots of machines and other items
Linking machine (knitwear department)
a man cutting fabric with a pair of scissors on a wooden table in front of shelves
Master Arjun preparing jersey for cutting
a man sitting at a table working on some paper and cloths in front of him
Master Gyanendra preparing patterns
two men looking at items in a room full of shelves and boxes with clothes on them
Gorgeous George and Suresh - picking, packing and shipping to London HQ...
a man working in a factory with several spools of thread
Space dye organic cotton yarn in knitting....
several men working in a factory with boxes and other items on the floor, while one man is standing
The knitting room with master Baldev (blue shirt)
The steam room... Steam Room, Steam, Lab Coat, Coat
The steam room...
Quality control - final garment check before packaging... Packaging, Control, Check, Quality
Quality control - final garment check before packaging...
Our trademark hand embroidered jersey... Sustainable Fashion Brands, Sustainable Fashion, Brand, Embroidered, Hand Embroidered, Us Trademark
Our trademark hand embroidered jersey...