Thames tv logo

Thames tv logo - I remember seeing this at the end of The Benny Hill Show

Ceefax - Precursor to the internet!

Before Digital TV, there was Ceefax - Precursor to the internet! Only totally infuriating!

BBC1 - Introduced in 1978

BBC One is the flagship television channel of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Channel Islands. It was launched on 2 November 1936 as the BBC Television Service, and was the world's first regular television

ATV (ITV regional) channel ident from the 1970s

ATV was the ITV regional channel for the Midlands in the - and their studios were just up the road from my childhood home in Erdington, Birmingham

1970s color palette

LWT - this was known as let's watch Thames! Only those in London and the home counties will understand this

Anglia tv knight

Anglia tv knight - always associated this with Sale of the Century. Used to watch this at my Nan & Grandads when they lived in Norfolk

Carol Hersee, a.k.a The Test-Card Girl. Technically was/still-is, The Most Famous Girl on British Television, for decades.

Carole Hersee, the iconic "Test Card Girl" whose face appeared on the BBC for over 40 years - and is still scary!