Lifts at Selfridge's, Oxford Street, Westminster, London, 1928

Lift [elevator] girls, Selfridges, London, Decades prior to the ample shopping my beloved late mother and I did there in the

Sicilian Avenue, London, bookstall,1920s

Sicilian Avenue, London (circa Photographer unknown, but books. Lots of books.

Button shop, 1953, London

Two women examine buttons at Lock and Company, a shop in Piccadilly, London, in 1953 (Bert Hardy)

Rediffusion..the only TVs that played the radio even when they were turned off!

Rediffusion, we all rented Televisions. The controls were fixed to a wall and changing channels involved schlepping from comfy sofa to switch and back again. Oh the trauma!

Woolworths sold loose biscuits from glass fronted 'bins'. There was always one which contained broken biscuits at a much cheaper price. These were the best in a child's opinion as you got some of everything!

Weigh-out biscuits were very popular at Woolworth from the until the early The picture shows the selection in the flagship Scottish store in Princes Street, Edinburgh at Christmas,

The American electrical and electronics firm Radio Shack opened a chain of stores in the UK. They lasted from the until the Very over priced but convenient for people who wanted their needs fulfilled in the High St.

Our Story, an old Safeway Storefront

First Safeway grocery store was opened in 1926 in American Falls, ID. ~ Now there are 1700 stores!

Yet another Fine Fare Supermarket. Yes - they really were that bad.

Fine Fare supermarket - did our first shop there to stock up our new home

Mace - 'just popping down to the Mace' I'd almost forgotten about this shop.

There’s something so quintessentially about this Mace sign