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an image of a bathroom setting with foil on the ceiling
Leon Chew: Sculpture for Hotels
Leon Chew: Sculpture for Hotels
a man sitting on top of a vending machine
Omelett branding and custom type design
Bedow — Omelett
an art installation in a white room with blue images on the wall and flooring
Jesper JUST - Contemporary Art Exhibition
three different images of people walking in an empty room with blue lights on the floor
More intricate frame work - more space to hang work? but also leads people through
a spiral staircase in a building with white walls
Interior Design
a room filled with lots of white lights hanging from the ceiling next to a window
1,664 reused yoghurt pots + bucket loads of creativity = stunning light installation
installation for beijing's design festival. 1,664 reused yogurt pots
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room with spiral staircase railings
two people are standing in front of a reception counter with lights hanging from the ceiling
We know what's good for you
reception desk
a woman in a red dress is sitting on the floor next to a large fish skeleton
We create things that light up your world
Chrysalis | Full Range | Yellow Goat Design - Custom Lighting !!!
the interior of a restaurant with lights and circular chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Some of the best lighting installations! Check it out!
a black and white photo of benches in front of a large building with lights on it
"Multiverse" by Leo Villareal
light installation
an empty room with lights shining down on the floor and people standing in the background
3DESTRUCT - Installation