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a small table with two legs and a round design on the top is shown in beige
Designer & Artist | studio Kostas Synodis
A colourful metal set of a stool, chair and table
a blue table that is in the shape of an e - shaped object on a white background
A colourful metal stool, chair and table.
a red and green planter sitting on top of a white box with a succulent in it
group of concrete plat pots
a blue planter sitting on top of a white pedestal next to a green plant
Concrete plant pot
a concrete bench with a brown seat on it
Concept concrete outdoor bench
a blue chair sitting on top of a wooden frame in front of a green wall
Metal outdoor chair
a wooden cutting board with a knife holder on the top and an object in the middle
Concept pine lounge chair
a blue and white quilt with a green vase on it
Woollen rugs, inspired by Native American patterns.
a chair sitting on top of a white floor next to a black and wooden stand
Notch, 2022
A minimal foldable chair for small living rooms.