Kostas Michalopoulos

Kostas Michalopoulos

Kostas Michalopoulos
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concept ships: Feng Zhu ships

Some fantastic work in the FZD graduation show. Keywords: concept spaceship art by feng zhu gra.

W_I_P__spy_d_recon_droid_by_Crashmgn.jpg (1191×1680)

almost complete model of a spy-d droid he can roll in the sphere mode and transform into robot to attack now I'am working on the . spy-d recon droid

by Ryan Church from Star Wars III

Concept art for a droid from "Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith" by Ryan Church.

ISA Sentry Drone - Characters & Art - Killzone: Shadow Fall

Discover a selection of art made for Killzone: Shadow Fall by Madina Chionidi, Arno Schmitz, Christopher Brandstrom and Efgeni Bischoff.