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Kota Reed

I'm a writer and Marvel, Supernatural, and many other fandoms lover.
Kota Reed
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Magnus hands down! He is the after all the High frickin' Warlock of Brooklyn!

Lol I could totally see this happening but Alec would probably break first bc Jace is his parabi (sry for the spelling)

This is why I would just pretend to still be working until someone else turned theirs in. I hated being the first so much.

Nerd Girl Problem - When you finish your test first and everyone glares at you as you turn it in

Nerd girl problem: All the good ones are either gay, married or FICTIONAL!! [Fictional character crush]

I don't care if you don't know your phone backwards and forwards. a lot of people (male or female) don't. But when you have a phone just because it's the newest "thing"? I kind of hate you. Especially because it makes Apple fangirls like me look SO bad.

Book Nerd Problems....... #booknerdproblems pic.twitter.com/hfGLoRtYg0

ravenclawslibrary: β€œ bookworldau: β€œ We’re all too familiar with this. ” That is the single greatest moment of panic I’ve ever experienced.