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a plate with some food on it next to a bowl of rice and a bottle
Easy Spicy Korean Braised Tofu
An easy savory traditional Korean banchan (side dish) that can be enjoyed hot or cold! Perfect for a quick meal.
some food is sitting on a table and ready to be eaten
Sweet and Spicy Gochujang Meatballs
A meatball recipe with a twist! These home made meatballs are simmered on low heat in a sweet and spicy cranberry sauce to really soak in the flavor and maintain that juicy soft texture. Amazing appetizer for holiday dinner.
a person holding a fork with some food on it and a can of ketchup in the background
Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
These stuffed mushrooms are so tasty it will convert everyone into a mushroom lover. Find out how simple it is to make!
two white plates with food on them sitting on a table
Easy Garlic Bread
Are you a garlic lover who is looking for the perfect appetizer? Well look no further! We have the perfect easy garlic bread recipe for you.
some food is sitting on a white plate with sauce and a bottle next to it
Low-Carb Keto Eggplant Shrimp Sliders
These sliders are the perfect appetizer and finger food! Made with only shrimp and eggplants as buns, these are perfect if you're on a low-carb or keto diet (just omit the panko bread crumbs)! Even if you're not, these are tasty!
two bowls filled with food next to a bottle of ketchup and some pancakes
Easy Potato Salad Recipe
Add a spin to your potato salad by replacing the mayo with Kimchi Mayo Sauce! It'll add a tang some spice to this classic dish.
several plates of food including french fries, burgers and coleslaw
Quick and Easy Corn Fritters
Made with a savory batter and sweet corn kernels, this dish is a delicious blend of sweet and savory. Make this as an appetizer or eat it as the main dish! We topped it off with Kimchi Mayo Sauce and it was perfection. ✨
there are some sushi on the plate with sauces and seasoning next to it
Spicy Tuna Onigiri Recipe
Onigiri, or Japanese rice balls, is exactly what the name says - balls of rice. They are wrapped with seaweed, come in many shapes and forms (circles, triangles, etc.), and with many types of fillings (tuna, salmon, etc.). These are easy to make and so delicious and customizable!
a person pouring sauce on lettuce leaves with carrots and other food items
Tasty and Easy To Make Pork Lettuce Wraps
Lettuce wraps are the perfect snack/appetizer. They are easy to cook and easy to assemble. The best part is that you can include whatever you want in them! Check out our recipe on these pork lettuce wraps!
sushi is being served on a plate with chopsticks in the foreground
Spicy Tuna Gimbap Recipe
Gimbap or kimbap is easy to make as an appetizer or main dish! The best part is that you can include anything you want inside! We love it with fresh veggies and tuna. 😋
a white plate topped with potatoes covered in cheese and toppings next to a bottle of chili sauce
Easy Air Fried Potatoes
Deliciously easy and crispy air fryer potatoes perfect for Thanksgiving!
four hard boiled eggs in a black bowl on a marble countertop with green sprouts
How to Make the Easiest Ramen Eggs · i am a food blog
Ajitsuke Tamago: Japanese Soy Marinated Soft Boiled Eggs Recipe: Creamy dreamy marinated Japanese soy sauce eggs, like the kind you find in ramen!
small cups filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table
Instant Pot Korean Beef
Slow Cooker Korean BBQ Taco Cup - this recipe is super easy and makes awesome tailgating appetizers!