Seaweed: The New Superfood

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chopsticks sit next to a bowl of noodles and sea snacks on a table
Seaweed Cold Noodles
This noodle dish is made to be cold so it's perfect for when you want a comforting bowl of ramen during the warmer months!
two bowls of soup with noodles, meat and vegetables being spooned into one bowl
Tteokguk - Korean Rice Cake Soup
Tteokguk, or rice cake soup, is traditionally enjoyed as part of the new years celebration. Deliciously chewy rice cake in beef broth, topped with healthy ingredients like seaweed and egg, this soup is the perfect comfort food for any time!
someone holding up a bag of sea snacks
KPOP Sea Snacks: Roasted Seaweed Snacks | KPOP Foods
KPOP Sea Snacks
a white plate topped with watermelon salad and a fork sticking out of it
Page not found – Norecipes - Elevating Everyday Meals
Tuna Poke - made with raw tuna Green part of scallions and coconut aminos instead of soy... Yum
three pieces of food on a plate with sauce drizzled over them and garnished with avocado
Crispy rice avocado seaweed snacks
The Superfood Under the Sea Healthy Movie Snacks, Edible Seaweed, Pre Made Meals, Sea Vegetables, Movie Snacks, Small Meals, Nutrient Dense, Culinary Arts
The Superfood Under the Sea: Seaweed
The Superfood Under the Sea
sushi rolls on a white plate with carrots, celery and other vegetables
Sushi Seaweed Snacks Recipe - Veggies Don't Bite
Easy Sushi Rolls: Seaweed Snack Roll Ups- Veggies Don't Bite
three pieces of bread with avocado and other toppings on them sitting on a white plate
Sunday Brunch: Japanese Inspired Avocado Toast · i am a food blog
japanese avocado toast -
a wooden cutting board topped with lots of sushi on top of sea salt and garnish
The New Kale Chips: Poke with Nori Chips
The New Kale Chips: Poke with Nori Chips
some green squares that are on top of each other
12 Slimming Snacks for Every Time and Craving
Baked quinoa chips. If ordinary light chips are Yawnsville, give quinoa chips a try. I love the tasty ones that Simply 7 makes from the protein-packed grain. My fave is the cheddar flavor. (1 oz/about 20 chips = 130 to 140 cal, 6 g fat) Toasted seaweed snacks. These crispy snacks are everywhere, and they rock. Companies like GimMe even make flavored varieties—a package of the brand's Cheddar Cheese All Natural Roasted Seaweed Crumbles has just 100 calories. D.I.Y. taco-flavored kale chips. S...
cucumbers with tomatoes and other toppings are arranged on a wooden cutting board
Cucumber Sesame Seaweed Snacks | Homemade Levity
some pieces of food that are on a black surface with sprinkles all over it
3 Clever Ways to Use Nori Sheets
Nori Chips | Food & Wine
two sushi rolls with sprouts sticking out of them on a white background
Better Than a Rice Cake: 11 Low Calorie Snacks You'll Actually Love
11 Low-Cal Snacks You'll Actually Love: Seaweed Rollup
a glass cup filled with some kind of food on top of a wooden table next to a window
Spicy Sesame Nori (Seaweed) Chips
Spicy Sesame Nori (Seaweed) Chips. Here’s a terrific snack that will satisfy your inner caveman – and it’s actually good for you. With only about 9 calories per flavorful bite, these crisp & spicy nori chips can tackle your snack attack without inflating your waistline.