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1847 Lambeth High Street Showing the Windmill Pub, a pub called the Windmill still stands on the same site.

6 December 1952: Piccadilly Circus.

26 Haunting Photos Of The London Fog

London was covered in “fog” at the beginning of the century, culminating in the Great Smog in This photo was taken at Piccadilly Circus on December 1952 (image via Central Press / Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Regent Street, aka Piccadilly Circus, 1910

Unseen images of a lost London (when it really was a capital place to live!)

Rowing on the streets of Paris after the Seine River flooded, c. 1910.

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:: Rowing along Quai de Grenelle during Paris Great Flood [Jan.

File:St Bartholomew's Hospital, London; porter at the Little Brit Wellcome L0015421.jpg - Wikimedia Commons.   about 1908

porter at the Little Brit Wellcome - Wikimedia Commons. about 1908