Cute hamsters

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a hamster eating some vegetables in a bowl
The Daily Cute: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
a small rodent eating food in a bowl on the table with it's mouth open
Hey! What are you looking? Let me eat - post
a small hamster in a cage with wood shavings
Chonky boi fell asleep on the wheel
a white hamster is sitting on top of a skateboard and has it's paws on the board
22 Of The Most Totally Extreme (And Adorable) Skateboarding Animals
a hamster is sitting on top of an electronic device and looking at the screen
i only want a drink
a cat is curled up in a pile of fluffy fur on a bed with it's head tucked under the covers
Chief loves the couch covers. Such a sleepy boy.
a small hamster peeking out from under a blanket on top of a white sheet
DSC06256 - slippa
two hamsters are in their cages and one is sleeping on top of the other
a small white hamster sitting on top of a rug eating a piece of food
Meet my beast. - Animals
a group of small gray and white hamsters in a bowl
ヤシマ作戦遂行してるけど暖房消してて寒い... on Twitpic
a small hamster is curled up in a bag
a small rodent in a coffee cup
a hamster eating something on top of a bed
Quick, get in my cheek by terenete on DeviantArt