László Moholy-Nagy this would be a fun series. dots with people or things on them. just for funzies.

"The Olly and Dolly Sisters" László Moholy-Nagy Gelatin silver print. The title refers to the twin Dolly Sisters, Jenny and Rosie, who were a dance team popular in Europe and the United States from 1911 to

weeping words  ..black and white photography woman vintage dada-ism

Inspiring picture art, visual art, collage, black and white, collage art. Find the picture to your taste!


Object To Be Destroyed by Man Ray is another example of a regular object modified slightly to change it into an artwork. Here, a metronome has a cutout of an eye attached with a paper clip to it's swinging arm.

Collage dada

Self-portrait of the Dadasopher, collage-photomontage, 1920 by Raoul Hausmann (Austrian 1886 –