#Knitters Wanted! A new scheme to help patients with dementia has put out an urgent call for knitters form Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

sensory bands knitting pattern Thank you for knitted sensory bands Hospital ‘overwhelmed’ with Sensory Band support from across the UK and world

Twiddle muff for dementia patients. Free pattern on Ravelry.

Made for alzheimer's patient that is constantly playing with buttons etc on clothing.

TWIDDLE MUFF (Knit) for Alzheimer's patients to occupy their hands and stimulate their minds.

This Is A Twiddlemuff, The Global Holiday Gift Trend That’s Helping People With Dementia

MAKE FOR DEMENTIA RESIDENTS Ravelry: Twiddlemuff pattern by Warrington Hospital

Yarn events, knitting for dementia, summer knitting tips & a video celebration of knitting - news from the UK Hand Knitting Association

Made by Eija

Made by Eija