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Campagne d’affiches et sans-abris.

Placement of poster adds even more meaning by replacing where a human would usually be. The bold text draws attention and encourages the passerby to reflect how they'd normally act if it were a person

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Typography is the art or process of setting and arranging types and printing from them. Here are some great examples of typography to inspire you.

♥ Inspirational Advertising Ideas...some of these will be cool for media studies

Inspirational - as you can see from this Coop knonsum ad it shows pair of lungs using vegetables, and tells us that you that this company has on all vegetables, this implies eating vegetables will make you healthier than someone who doesn't.

It would be cool to see one of these in the daily commute

Funny pictures about Creative Truck Advertisements. Oh, and cool pics about Creative Truck Advertisements. Also, Creative Truck Advertisements photos.


Une campagne print choc pour sensibiliser au danger de partager des photos intimes

Print de Pierre Martinet pour ses smoothies de légumes, signés BEING. « Du jamais bu ! »

Publicité / Marketing : les meilleures créations françaises de la semaine !


(eb)- this poster has a strong message and it clearly delivers it well. using a seatbelt to connect the spine in the x-ray is a very smart way of describing how dangerous driving without a seatbelt can be.