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Calling all Kebab munchers, we want your pictures of the best shops in Britain! Send them to us via the K-Shop Movie Instagram, Facebook page or here on…
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the best keba house is located in an old building
The Best Kebab House can be found in Braintree, Essex...not a lot more to say really. #kshopmovie Watch full K-Shop movie at
a fast food restaurant called tasty kebabs
Shop naming rule #1 If lacking wit...opt for imaginative description (As put into practice by Borehamwood's Tasty Kebabs) #kshopmovie Watch full K-Shop movie at
a white van parked in front of a burger bar
April 2013, Folkestone: Drunken barman Neil De Klerk loses his cool in Takis Kebab & Burger Bar and is caught on CCTV unleashing himself on two young bystanders. #kshopmovie Watch full K-Shop movie at
some people are standing near a food stand
Kings Cross Sydney, 2009: After a man's throat is slashed in an altercation, customers continue to order food despite the presence of police tape and several pools of blood. #kshopmovie Watch full K-Shop movie at
an outdoor restaurant with tables and chairs in front of the storefront, on a city street corner
In 2005, 160 people were hit with food poisoning after eating at the A1 Kebabish takeaway in Manor Park London...the owner Afzal Mohammed claims all have been back since. #kshopmovie Watch full K-Shop movie at
an ambulance parked in front of a building with people standing around and other vehicles surrounding it
In September 2013, Bristol's Antalya Kebab House was targeted by a disgruntled customer who drove her Vauxhall Corsa at speed through the shop front in an attempt to get revenge...the shop is trading again...the Corsa has been scrapped. #kshopmovie Watch full K-Shop movie at
a store front with the words kebablaand on it
Today we're paying homage to South Woodford's very own Kebabland. #kshopmovie Watch full K-Shop movie at
a kebab shop on the corner of a city street
Kabab shop Britain... To get things started here's the glorious Kebab Center in Angel, North London... from K-Shop Director Dan Pringle. #kshopmovie Watch full K-Shop movie at