Zander Olsen, Tree Line. This is an ongoing series of constructed photographs rooted in the forest. These works, carried out in Surrey, Hampshire, and Wales, involve site specific interventions in the landscape, wrapping trees with white material to construct a visual relationship between tree, not-tree and the line of horizon according to the camera's viewpoint.

earth n site artist to decorate sidewalks, bricks, trees, etc .Zander Olsen 'Tree Line'. Trees wrapped in white and perfectly aligned with the horizon.

Saatchi Art Artist: Derek Lerner; Pen and Ink 2013 Drawing "Asvirus 38"

Idea for drawing wall, but carmarthen version: Saatchi Online Artist: Derek Lerner; Pen and Ink, Drawing "Asvirus derringer

“Single people want relationships, settled people wonder if they’re missing out on something, traveling types miss stability, stable ones are restless,.

The "Running Fence" project, by Christo and Jean-Claude. Project for Marin Sonoma County, California. 24.5-mile-long, 18-foot-high; two weeks in September 1976.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude Running Fence, Sonoma and Marin Counties, California, Photo: Wolfgang Volz © 1976 Christo

Christo with 'Wrapped Car (Volkswagen)', 1963

Artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude have wrapped a lot of things. Including Reihstag in Berlin, a coast in Sidney. This is Christo with "Wrapped Car (Volkswagen), Photo: Charles Wilp © 1963 Christo

Howard Tangye: Uses mixed media within his figurative drawings such as acrylic, oil pastel, pen and pencil to create a layered yet simple effect. Taught fashion drawing to Stella McCartney etc.

Marcus Buck - ghosts of demolished houses

Photography by Marcus Buck. I love how you can see the cross section of the rooms. A great image to link with Rachel Whiteread's casts of a demolished building.

Architectural model

archimodels: “ © anthony gormley + david chipperfield - sculpture for the subjective experience of architecture (kivik art centre) - osterlen, sweden - 2008 ”