lurdes bergada

Love this white knitted dress. It's perfectly destroyed. - Lurdes Bergada (S/S Drop Stitch Knit Dress

Antlers are an excellent idea, may layer lace over some. Alexander McQueen, is a genius. This lace dress, antlers draped in lace, how incredible!

layer art by ~Chrisknx on deviantART

texture -layer art by ~Chrisknx on deviantART I used a model of a magazing and added about 5 layers below it, and just cut certain parts of the top layer and underlying layers to create different layers showing on top.

Istanbul Fashion Week Wed Deniz Kaprol 2012 Spring / Summer “Castle” Reminds me of the skeleton dress by Schiaparelli

Alexander McQueen Jewellery, Design Collaborations | Shaun Leane

Alexander McQueen Jewellery, Design Collaborations : Shaun Leane and Alexander McQueen .


Knitwear creation with a decorative mix of patterns and textures - fashion details // Ria Thomas

-Jose Romussi -Jose Romussi was born in Chile, where he studied landscape design. -He currently lives & works in Berlin. -Romussi is well know for his silk screen colleges, where he skilfully combines monochrome photographics with bright, vibrant embroidary designs. -He developed his quirky technique after struggling to represent his ideas in paint.

#Newserie by Jose Romussi

New Embroidered Photographs - By Jose Romussi . You might also like Sources: Jose Romussi ignant.

Sakai Juku - Designed, Choreographed and Directed by Ushio Amagastu [Photography by Alan Eglinton]

SANKAI JUKU - japanese butoh company With “Butoh” dancing, there is no set style, and it may be purely conceptual with no movement at all. Its origins have been attributed to Japanese dance legends Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. Image via.

Saatchi Art Artist sanaz vosough ghanbari; Collage, "No title" #art

No title Collage by sanaz vosough ghanbari

alexander mcqueen f/w 1996 ‘dante’ antlers, emma balfour by martyn thompson

Photography by Martyn Thompson Friday fashion flashback fierceness. Today’s specimen: a vintage shot of icon model Emma Balfour. Headpiece and coat were both designed by Alexander McQueen.

Skeletal Caged Couture - Nika Danielska Designs Sharply Fierce Fashion Accessories (GALLERY)

Skeletal Caged Couture

Jemma Marie McLean Skinned Alive the Anatomical Structure

Modern Goddess: Jemma Marie McLean, Skinned Alive - inspired by Divinci's anatomical drawings