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an eye with the words dreamscape on it's iris and stars in the background
Drum and Bass Radioshow
I see you. Liquid Drum and Bass radioshow hosted by Rossum. Twice a month we play some of the smoothest tunes in a 2 hour mix.
five different colored vases with faces on them and eyes drawn on the top one
Blob Opera Interactive
Blob Opera, play #blobs four voices in cities around the world. Animated, interactive and blobified. They are waiting for you. Click and drag to play music by a fully trained blob who is expert at blobbing, something to do if you have time to spare. There is nothing to read, nothing to learn, no advice given, no bull@_]t, no one claiming to be that which they are not.
Data visualization project exploring how people look for the meaning of their #dreams on Google. We have explored the related queries to the question what does it mean to dream about in different languages. Formula 4, Sleep Therapy, Sleep Routine, Sleep Help, When You Sleep, Sleep Cycle, Fall Asleep Faster, Improve Sleep Quality, Sleeping Habits
The Shapes of our Dreams
Data visualization project exploring how people look for the meaning of their #dreams on Google. We have explored the related queries to the question what does it mean to dream about in different languages.
an assortment of snacks are displayed in bowls
Love Snacks Need Munchies
Love Snacks? #munchies For people who love snacks of all kinds. Whether its chips, cookies, nuts, or even cereal eaten by hand, we are ready to eat it one bag at a time.
an image of palm trees painted in the colors of raspberry red, yellow and green
Jungle Music Collection
Electronic Dance Music related to the search term #jungle for DNB Ragga Jungle, Neurofunk, Kenny Ken, Benny Page, Mickey Finn etc...
an image of the earth taken from space at night with lights in the city lights
Ancient Earth Globe
Ancient Earth Globe – Earth looked very different long ago. Search for addresses across 750 million years of Earth’s #history in a visual animated simulation
wooden blocks are arranged on the floor next to a vase
Pentominoes Surface Tiles
Pentominoes on Surfaces generally, you want to use one of each #pentomino to tile the board, but you're welcome to use this app however you like, and there are no prohibitions against using a tile more than once.
a purple jellyfish floating in the ocean
3D Jellyfish Simulation
Particulate medusae soft body jellyfish #simulation imitative representation of a process that could exist in the real world. Click and drag, 3d to 360.
some yellow and purple flowers are in the snow on top of green grass with white tips
Waiting for Spring Gardening
Dedicated to raised bed #gardening in the heart of Virginia, we show you how to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs. Plan your 2024 garden.
the logo for green snakey's new show, the propity at night
The Prodigy Mashup
DnB Breakbeat Mashup Where attention goes, enery flows. 1.1k likes, 91,959 views as of 24/11/23.
a man laying in a tent next to a lake with mountains in the back ground
Breathtaking Morning Landscapes
Breathtaking Morning Landscapes Seen from the Inside of a Tent. In the compositions, the photographer's legs lead us forward, through the rounded entryway of each tent, and outward towards the stunning scenery. Other tents, supplies, backpacks, and shoes are scattered throughout the foreground which creates a sense of human presence among the breathtaking views. The bright and colorful tents uniquely frame the scenes and invite viewers to be swept away by the photographs as if we, too, are witnessing the dazzling natural beauty in person.
the color scheme for hypercolor is shown in three different colors
Prebuilt Css Gradients
A curated collection of beautiful prebuilt gradients using default colors from the Tailwind CSS color palette. Easily copy and paste the class names, CSS or even save the gradients as an image.
two people standing next to each other in front of neon lights
13 Sci-Fi Gadgets That Already Exist
13 Sci-Fi Gadgets That Already Exist - Dreaming of futuristic technology is nothing new. Now, instead of just dreaming, these gadgets are becoming a reality, from smart watches to transparent televisions.