Age?? Don't tell me you're to old to wear nice clothes!

Timeless style on this 104 year old man!

street style

Red Plaid Coat with Faux Fur Collar, Leather Man Bag, Gray Vest, & Navy…

Real skinheads are not racist!! It originated with the reggae (of the Jamaican immigrants) fusion with mod (working class kids) in 60s uk. Many early skins were Jamaican, and many skins world wide are of every race and culture under the sun.

A fantasy anthropological study of African skinhead fashion from the early seventies.

50 Years of British Style: Skinheads in Shoreditch, London, 1979

Ben Sherman: 50 years of style culture - in pictures

“Skinheads in Shoreditch, London, [Photograph: Derek Ridgers] More in Ben Sherman: 50 Years of British Style Culture ”

It's a mod, mod world.

Fun mod posters to hang in Trixie and Daisy's dorm space

True ‘Skinhead’ love never dies…this is all I've ever wanted. Is this type of love even real?

old and crusty skins

Skinhead garl

Old school Chelsea cut

Classic red Harrington jacket, smothered in badges - hopefully either two tone or trojan Ska!


Skinhead boys got it goin on


UK skinheads early Probably all bankers now.

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