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a tall vase with writing on it in the dark
Tongan war club; sad that such a beautiful piece of craftwork was made to end lives.
an old wooden pipe with a carved handle
Ventes aux enchères - Pierre Bergé & Associés
MASSUE de jet «Ula» en bois se terminant par une tête de masse côtelée. Le manche décoré de motifs géométriques classiques. Iles Fiji.
a wooden comb that is shaped like a long hair brush with intricate designs on it
MASSUE de danse en bois à motifs dentelés... - Lot 10 - Pierre Bergé & Associés
MASSUE de danse en bois à motifs dentelés sculptée d'un retour en forme de crochet et gravée de motifs géométriques rehaussés à la chaux. Ile Samoa.
an odd looking metal object with two eyes
three carved wooden objects on display with black bases and white background, including two large toothbrushes in the shape of an elephant's head
Papua New Guinea Art Archive
Abelam Cassowary Bone Daggers. This set of three Abelam cassowary bone daggers with individually etched motif are beautiful examples of the intricacy the Abelam people create. Bone is recognized as a metaphor for strength, with a narrow range of material to be used, bone was a very valuable material with its strength derived from the powers of the supernatural world and often used in ritual and magic. Dimensions: 1 x 14" x 2", 2 x 13" x 2" Location: Abelam, Papua New Guinea, Sepik River Reg...
an old wooden object with holes on it's top and bottom part, sitting in front of a gray background
Fijian ‘Buli Buli’ War Club the Expanding Spherical Head
Fijian ‘Buli Buli’ War Club the Expanding Spherical Head
an old wooden vase is shown against a black background
Fijian war club of the "Sali" style.
a drawing of the structure of an animal's skull with two eyes and four different parts
an old book with many different tools on it
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fijian war clubs - Google Search
an old wooden hammer on a gray background
Fijian war club.
a tall wooden pole sitting on top of a black background
ArtOceanic | Malcolm Davidson | Artefacts and Paintings
Tongan War Club
an old wooden pipe is hanging on the wall in front of a white wall and grey background
Fijian Two Handed Ceremonial War Club ‘Gatawaka’
I own this! Finch & Co - Fijian Two Handed Ceremonial War Club ‘Gatawaka’
several different types of tools are shown in this engraving from the early nineteenth's
Fijian war clubs
an old book with different types of tools and shapes on it's page, in black ink
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Fijian War Clubs