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Kurtis Deakin

I'm not stalking you. By the way, your new living room furniture? Looks great from the front garden.
Kurtis Deakin
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Best pin ever!

How do you walk into Mordor? Boromir: You need an army with ninja-wizards and bears that shoot laser-beams out of their eyes :D

I Can Do The Thing - Zhu Li AVATAR | Legend of Korra & The Last Airbender

denimcatfish: It’s already the on my side of the world so here’s the Secret Avatar 2014 art I did for linkterra. I had trouble coming up with an idea at first. Hopefully, this works.

LotR, a very lovely scene <3

The significance of the three strands of hair Galadriel gave to Gimli- a beautiful story. Please excuse the language. I almost didn't post due to the cussing. But it's just to nerdily beautiful not to post.

super interesting

There's actually a book series (for kids) about it! I loved them! PotC was my first big fandom, just because I thought Captain Jack was such an amazing character! There's a ton of lit published by Disney about all the characters' back stories.