Matcha Recipes

Don't know what to make? Here are some great matcha recipes to enjoy with Kusaki Matcha. Iced matcha lattes, matcha tea, creative drinks to matcha baking…
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Matcha latte
Matcha yogurt for breakfast is the best
Greek yogurt. Matcha. strawberries. All you need for the perfect start to your day.
Matcha breakfast fruit Greek yogurt
Perfect for breakfast and brunch, try kusaki matcha with greek yogurt. Great for energy, skin and mood.
Iced matcha bubble tea latte
Making bubble tea is actually quite easy. Just boil the boba pearls, mix with a sweetener, and then make a regular iced matcha latte on top
Matcha Latte
5min · 1 serving What you need • Matcha • Oat milk
How to make a matcha smoothie
Get the benefits of matcha with the taste of a smoothie. Blend up some fruit with matcha and enjoy!
Matcha Smoothies 💕
Tropical matcha smoothie
Start your summer right with a matcha smoothie. Add some tropical pineapple and banana along with blueberries, greek yogurt, and maple syrup. Add in matcha for some added focus and blend
Tropical matcha smoothie
5min · 1 serving Ingredients • Frozen pineapple chunks • Banana • Blueberries • Maple syrup • Greek yogurt • Kusaki matcha
Boba Tea
· 1 serving Iced matcha bubble tea Ingredients • Tapioca pearls (boba) • Matcha • Milk
Boba latte bubble tea
Bubble tea is so easy to make. Just boil your boba and then mix it with a sweetener. Top with milk and matcha and you’re good to go!
Iced Matcha Latte
· 1 serving Ingredients • Blueberry compote • Matcha • Oat milk