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Tumblr How!? Our cats and every cat and dog that I ever saw ran when the vacuum cleaner was turned on. In fact, now our cats run when the vacuum is even pulled out.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Knock And Run Edition - Democratic Underground

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Blouse design

Exquisite Gold And Royal Blue Brocade Saree Blouse NS This is an exclusive designer sleeveless saree blouse made from rich gold brocade material. It has an intricate and rich pattern all over wi

Tigre  #humores #gracioso

Young woman says in disbelief: "What? There's NO Tiger behind me? Man replies: "Well you'd better take a look!" Thank God for thick glass!

Oh! Didn’t see you there!

Airplane IT WONT F**KING CLOSE! GIF: I was sitting in a sitting couple of rolls away thinking this is going to be another boring fight like always but no not