Daktari : Clarence the lion, Judith , Luc, and Dr Tracy ~glad someone else remembered this show!

Daktari : Clarence the cross-eyed lion, Judith , Luc, and Dr Tracy - Loved this show! I used to crack up at the Clarence the cross-eyed lion shows they showed at the movies.

Cap guns; remember the rolls of paper caps you loaded into these things; sometimes we would take them out and strike the black dots to get the percussion sound....

I'm pretty sure you can't buy anything even close to a realistic toy gun anymore. We played Cops and Robbers and Cowboys and Indians in the woods and didn't grow up to be bad people. Love the smell of those spent caps!

Brilliant woman!

a Positive Community for Women

Rag-and-bone man, with horse and cart, once a common sight on British streets. He would call out Rag n' Bone Rag n' Bone and collect just those things and lived off the proceeds he could sell on. They still exist but now use vans and lorries

Rag-and-bone man, with horse and cart, once a common sight on British streets. People would shovel up the horse manure for their roses!

ATV (ITV regional) channel ident from the 1970s

ATV was the ITV regional channel for the Midlands in the - and their studios were just up the road from my childhood home in Erdington, Birmingham

Toys at Woolworths, 1950

A personal service counter with a range of dolls and toys, with four staff members ready to serve customers. The picture was taken in Pontypool, Gwent (Monmouthshire) at Easter 1951 (Image with special thanks to Mr Reg Gallanders)

The one and only Tarzan. They used Mr Weismuller's call for every Tarzan that came after !

Cheetah the 1930s Tarzan chimp dies aged 80 – but was he the real star and even that old?

King of the Swingers: Cheetah (right) In the 1939 hit Tarzan Finds a Son. Jane, Tarzan, Boy and Cheetah. The character of Cheetah was the comic relief in the Tarzan series starring American Olympic gold medal swimmer Weissmuller.

Rare 50's TV Shows on DVD here http://nostalgiastore.co.uk/?dvds-tv-shows,17,1

Bootsie & Snudge (a spin-off of 'The Army Game') ran from 1960 to and again in starring Alfie Bass as Montague 'Bootsie' Bisley, and Bill Fraser as Claude Snudge.

Old Ever Ready Torches

Old Ever Ready Torches

Rock Hudson and Susan St. James

Rock Hudson and Susan St. James

MR PASTRY 1962. BBC CHILDRENS TV. ae63c0ed24b9f3b60bf6033a9def9238e5291fc4.jpg (544×406)

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