Writing their friend's names. Even kids who "don't like to write" love to write their names!

Mother's Day Edition: Fine Motor Friday!!

LOVE THIS FOR THE WRITING CENTER!-----Kindergarten name writing center using student names. This will help with learning names and making new friends at the beginning of the year.

Superhero writing area

Classroom Environment Superhero capes on back of chair ( Great Idea for the first row of seating for program attendance)

Letter formation guide for left handed children. Finally...why wasn't this around when I was a kid?!

For my Little Lefty, some day. Letter formation guide for left handed children. On a side not, never say "you write with your right hand." Apparently a teacher said that to my brother once, who is left handed, and it still messes with him.

Bright orange sand for the mark making area this week. Thanks to Rachel at stimulating learning again for the printables I use in this area!

Practicing fine motor manipulation of hand movements to help promote handwriting skills in the sand. Prompt cards are used for children to copy the shapes.

pencil grasp development - real life. www.twitter.com/wholechilded & www.facebook.com/wholechilded

how to teach young children the correct pencil grip and learn about the natural developmental stages of pencil grips.

Early Literacy Activities for Kids - An Everyday Story (buy: sight word cards and sand-writing-materials)

How I Plan our Interest-led Homeschool

How I plan our interest-led homeschool: Our homeschool schedule including books and a homeschool planning guide.