AgeMaps is a project by photographer Bobby Neel Adams in which he does "photo surgery" on portraits to show two different moments in a person's life in the

Portraits of People in Two Different Times

Photographer Bobby Neel Adams combines two photos of his portraits subjects—one as a youth and one as an adult—into composite portraits he calls “AgeMaps.” The portraits are composited without the aid of computers. Idea for 'time/change' theme for my fmp

Patchwork: Mr Fairburn started on the map portraits in August last year following some previous work using wood to create the pattern of skin

They're out of this world! Artist creates series of incredible portraits out of maps

Map Portraits: Ed Fairburn uses intricate details of maps to outline various human features. He spends months crosshatching faces hidden within topographical features.

Mixed Media Artist: Making woven paper pieces

Georgia Russell cut paper artist- use an image of an artist the kids can color and another sheet with a description of the artist style.

The Jealous Curator » embroidery

California based artist Lisa Kokin- this would be a cool way to have a family tree hung up on a wall in your living room!

Photo installations by Annette Messager

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Lisa Kokin

Found images, AND thread? Oh, be still my beating heart! by California based artist Lisa Kokin

PHOTO : Vestiges est une série sur le recueillement et le souvenir. Chaque «vestige» de la série est composée de trois photos trouvées, prisent à différent moment dans la vie du sujet, et qui a été coupés en lanières et tissées

Mona is part of the Remnants series by Greg Sand. He works with digital photography to produce his work. 'Mona' is composed of three photos cut into strips and woven together.

Vestige an abstract mixed media work created with thread and book page fragments by Lisa Kokin at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley California San Francisco Bay Area

Lisa Kokin - Vestige , 2001 Formatting Mixed media 51 x 16 in Sewn found photographs, batting, paper

Artworks made of insect pins, pinning foam, photographic prints, paint samples, glass vials, test tubes, magnifying boxes, dried flower, gel...

Artist Michael Mapes dissects photos and arranges them, pinning fragments like insects, and putting other pieces in vials. Incredible stuff, lots more below.