Thunderbirds Are Go!

Thunderbirds are go once more

As Thunderbirds turns this new manual shows exactly what those classic craft…


Gerry Anderson, creator of TV's ‘Thunderbirds,’ dead at 83

Thunderbird's characters Jeff Tracy and Lady Penelope. Loved watching The Thunderbirds when I was a kid.


Thunderbirds - Had a Lady Penelope doll! She had a black and white dog tooth suit on.

Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds (1964-65)  Loved this show, kinda creeped us out, but still loved it!

Lady Penelope Annual For Girls Who Love Television Thunderbirds

Yes M'Lady - Parker.  Thunderbirds

Liam Gallagher Says Brother Noel Looks Like “Parker” A Puppet From TV Show Thunderbirds


Thunderbirds - are GO, FAB - I loved Scott because he had a rocket for his aeroplane

Thunderbirds Tracy Island, in all it's Frank Lloyd Wrightesqe glory.

Tracy Villa replica by modern_fred from the fabulous British sci-fi tv show by puppeteer Gerry Andersen called Thunderbirds, featuring "supermarionation".

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