Thunderbirds Are Go!

Thunderbirds are go once more


Thunderbirds - Had a Lady Penelope doll! She had a black and white dog tooth suit on.


Gerry Anderson, creator of TV's ‘Thunderbirds,’ dead at 83

Thunderbird's characters Jeff Tracy and Lady Penelope. Loved watching The Thunderbirds when I was a kid.

Yes M'Lady - Parker.  Thunderbirds

Liam Gallagher Says Brother Noel Looks Like “Parker” A Puppet From TV Show Thunderbirds

Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds (1964-65)  Loved this show, kinda creeped us out, but still loved it!

Lady Penelope Annual For Girls Who Love Television Thunderbirds


Thunderbirds - are GO, FAB - I loved Scott because he had a rocket for his aeroplane

Thunderbirds Tracy Island, in all it's Frank Lloyd Wrightesqe glory.

Tracy Villa replica by modern_fred from the fabulous British sci-fi tv show by puppeteer Gerry Andersen called Thunderbirds, featuring "supermarionation".

Penny and Parker. Thunderbirds

Penny and Parker. Gerry Anderson, the creator of hit TV shows including…