Laurra Beckett

Laurra Beckett

I one day hope to travel the world and capture all its beauty.
Laurra Beckett
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Double-Exposure de la photographe bulgare Aneta Ivanova

After her black and white double exposure portraits, Bulgarian photographer Aneta Ivanova did colorful portraits, still in double exposure technique she masters

Antonio Mora

Only the shadows can be mysterious and charming to hide The alter ego of man kind is frightening yet beautiful--CatA -- double exposurephotography by antonio mora

Double Exposure 2, Alex Hutchinson, Masks, Hidden Identity, Secrecy, Espionage, Creation, Dark Clash

Double Exposure 2 - Another doube exposure, took this last night. Just wanted to practice more with lighting and more "artistic" ways of shooting. Not Photoshop - Double exposure using the camera only

Double exposure, color. FYI, Turn your photos to 3d using this special free app for your desktop --> Download the 3D Image Converter For Android --> you can generate 3D photos, out of a single image!!!!!

like the overlay and use of colours on this photograph , really interested in doing something with overlay and having a play around with colour but still keeping it simple.