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Focus: Phonemic Awareness Directions: Brainstorm with students and record the sound for each letter in the alphabet. Have students practice pronouncing each letter sound using 3 letter words. Use Lego pieces (individual pieces that connect to one long piece) that are each labeled with a letter. Form various words and have students identify each letter and then each sound. Example: BAN - B-"buh" A-"ah" N-"nnn"

Would be great for spelling child's name! This is so inspired: teach your kids how to spell with connectable blocks like legos. Learning key skills can be fun! Parents and teachers alike will love this.

Hooty's Homeroom: Superhero Theme also has behavior superhero themed chart

I haven’t always had a theme for my classroom but I’ve decided I really like having one. For me, having a theme makes putting the room toge.