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that doesn't matter! he killed hundreds of innocents and jedi! Jedi are a little bit hypocritical; they say they want to keep the force balanced but just want to destroy the sith. That doesn't sound like balance to me.

Custom Lightsabers

As you may have noticed, i love Star Wars! Lightsabers are something that star wars fans love and wish could be a reality. Lightsabers are very expensive to buy even though they are just souvenirs .

Darth Vader's new red-blade Lightsaber. He constructed it him self after he was saved from death by his environmental suit of armor and prostheses.

Funny pictures about First Generation Lightsaber Prototype. Oh, and cool pics about First Generation Lightsaber Prototype. Also, First Generation Lightsaber Prototype photos.

Sith Lightsaber concept by ProjectWarSword on DeviantArt

Some concepts I did months ago. Lying around with all sorts of other ideas I have, decided to show it just because.

Lightsaber v.9 by Ariergarda on DeviantArt

My first Sith lightsaber. Inspiration: Witchking's helmet (Lord of The Rings). I must say that this one was really hard to make Lightsaber

Lightsaber v.8 by Ariergarda on @DeviantArt

I wanted to make another Sith saber. The texture is darker, and the grip looks different - probably not very comfortable, but it's a Sith lightsaber so .