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Hey Artists: Our Body-Kun figurines are back! Create any scene, pose these models for any situation and start sketching instantly.

Spartan hoplite leader

I normally don't pin military models, but this one is exceptional. Definitely not someone you want to mess with, even if he is only a few inches tall.

Athenian hoplite

Rise of Rome / Roman Republic: Roman gladiator - usually a slave, who fought in an arena for entertainment of an audience

Brad Pitt long hair in Troy

This picture is from the 2004 movie, Troy. It depicts Brad Pitt in the role of Achilles. The film is representative in the means that even to this day, the legend and name of Achilles continues to live on.

Spartan Warrior

Not the helmet, but the colour scheme and scale armour for Hecate

Sparta.The men who showed no fear.The men who beat the odds.The men who left history for us to know

"Sparta has no walls because you, her warriors, are her walls. Sparta’s boundaries are undefined because these your spear-points define her borders. So when the Barbarians come, let them find nothing but death on the frontiers of Sparta!