Spider Man

Art Spiderman was not invited to the Avengers - funny superhero pictures this-is-funny-hahaha

In his latest series I Am Winnie the Pooh, French photographer Benjamin Béchet kidnaps a handful of superheroes and children’s icons from their fairytale settings and strips them of their supernatural powers by showing them in real life situations.

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Minnie, 41 years old, cleaner. From the Series "Je suis Winnie l'Ourson" I am Winnie the Pooh

When Superheroes (and oddly some Disney characters) fall on hard times. Series of images by Benjamin Béchet

When they can't get crimefighting work, superheroes turn to menial jobs

Batman, 33 ans, pompiste de nuit (Superheroes and icons presented in a unusual way by Benjamin Béchet)

Hulk sulk.

Famous Characters Living in the Real World

Famous Characters Living in the Real World by French photographer Benjamin Béchet.


Famous Characters Living in the Real World

Even Mickey is Homeless. Damn Recession! I Am Winnie the Pooh: Bechet Benjamin.

Marseille-based photographer Bechet Benjamin has captured superheroes, Disney characters and other popular figures as if they exist in our real world in a series titled ‘I am Winnie the Pooh’.