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Lady Vader

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Lady Vader
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Acid Wash Mani-  Put 3-4 coats of polish on over top of eachother. Then take a q-tip and dip it in acetone. Lightly scrub. The longer you scrub the more layers you go through

Neues vom Kellerkind: Girly-Girl Nail Art Challenge: Day Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Spoilers. ;)

Alex Kingston: River Song, a.a Melody Pond, a.a The Doctor's Wife, a.a daughter of Amy and Rory Pond aka impossible astronaut aka professor song

The Doctors before they were the Doctor.

The Doctors before they got their PHDs in Timey Wimey. I think Matt is really a time lord. He looks the same as he does now except for the hair! (Cue fan girl gasp and/or faint and/or squeal)