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the words produktter are surrounded by various tools
Produkter på
Stort udvalg inden for håndværk og hobby, outdoor og undervisningsmaterialer.
a white pipe on a white background
Mønsterpapir 15 m - Blank
black elastic cord, size 10mm x 5m from the fabric store in england
Elastik 6 mm - Sort
an electronic device with wires attached to it's back end, on a white background
Glødeskriver GS 1
a pair of yellow and black tools on a white background
Hobbykniv 9 mm. med knækblade
an open tin of leather's choice beard bale
Læderfedt 50 ml - Naturgul
a piece of brown paper on a white background
Læder Natur 1,4-1,6 mm - Pr. kvf
father's choice wax for leathers and other crafting supplies, including a sponge
Narvsværte 40 ml - Extra Sort
an egg is shown on a white background
Flamingo Æg - 120 mm
a close up of a brush on a white background
Hobbypensel Flad nr. 10
a bottle of lumicak 250ml with purple cap on the top and white background
Limlak - 250 ml
a ball of yarn with the words rio on it
Bomuldsgarn - Lys Grøn
a ball of yarn with the word rio written on it in white and green colors
Bomuldsgarn - Lys Grøn
Sunglasses Case
Filt akryl - Sort - 5 meter