Michael C. Mendez; Photogram, Photography "The Killing Jar" I like this photogram because its almost capturing the magic which makes it look really special and interesting.

Saatchi Online Artist: Michael C. Photogram, Photography "The Killing Jar" Great photogram idea!

Floral Radiographs by Steven N. Meyers ...X-ray images of flowers and plants __ for pattern inspiration

Steven N. Meyers has turned X-ray images of flowers and plants into fine art. by patti lovely idea for a tattoo

anna atkins 1850s cyanotypes of British algae love anna :)

British Algae by Anna Atkins the first photographic work by a woman, and the first book produced entirely by photographic means; the blueprint process, the cyanotypes lend themselves beautifully to illustrate objects fround in the sea.

A Tea-Time Tea-Break Photogram …  …for more of my photograms: click here

This is my journey into photograms/rayographs: Sometimes I take photos without a camera. In other words: I develop photograms. In "wiki" words: A photogram is a photographic image made without a.

photograms by floris neususs

photograms by floris neususs// trapped in an endless cycle of poverty and discrimination leads us to hiding and disappearing altogether- include circles of areas that sow the original image while the resst are silhouettes