Drawing "Dandelion" by Benjamin del Castillo

Drawing "Dandelion" by Benjamin del Castillo this is how i want my dandelion tattoo to look. its real delicate and very beautiful. spring time its on!

David Walker

London, UK artist David Walker

The Explosively Colorful Spray Paint Portraits of David Walker street art portraits painting

Ai Weiwei: Fountain of Light

Artist Ai Weiwei - Fountain of Light is a shining seven-metre tall crystal tower. The work refers to the Russian architect Vladimir Tatlin’s never-finished tower, created for the Third International in 1919 during the Russian Civil War.

Anne Harris

Anne Harris-"Bending Over Study (Orange)"-Watercolor, oil, graphite on mylar

Jean Michel Basquiat (1982) - James Van Der Zee

Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American artist. He began as an obscure graffiti artist in New York City in the late and evolved into an acclaimed Neo-expressionist and Primitivist painter by the by James Van Der Zee, 1982