Amnesty International poster. Afghan Refugee, Peshawar, 2010. Photographed by Steve McCurry in Pakistan

Amnesty International posters - in pictures

Afghan Refugee, Peshawar, 2010 (US). Photographed by Steve McCurry in Pakistan Amnesty International. Amnesty International posters - in pictures.

no commerce with animals // WWF

Interesting concept for integrating technology (UPC codes) with a cause (animal commerce). The choice of a zebra is apt since the global leader in bar coding is Zebra Technologies although Zebra may not want to be associated with the image.

Cool poster design...  lots of graphic design inspiration bits...

"Two weeks without your coffee, tea, milk or soda can provide people in Africa with safe water the rest of their lives," -Blood water mission

Amnesty International: Torture is terror!

Credit: Amnesty International Design: Amnesty International, 1995 (Israel) A poster for the Israeli branch by graphic designer Lemel Yossi KL-Great use of limited color, negative space and type

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