With that signature olive garnish, there’s no cocktail as iconic as this one. This gin martini recipe is simple, sophisticated and delicious.

Gin Martini

The gin martini is a classic cocktail that can be achieved in a few simple steps; Try Jamie's gin martini recipe for the perfect blend each time.

Old Cuban | 40 g caster sugar, juice from ½ a lime, 70 ml Bacardi 8 year old dark rum, 1 sprig of fresh mint leaves, Angostura bitters, a handful of ice cubes, 50 ml Prosecco

Old Cuban cocktail

Old Cuban cocktail A twist on the classic mojito 40 g caster sugar ½ a lime, juice from 70 ml Bacardi 8 year old dark rum 1 sprig of fresh mint, leaves picked Angostura bitters a handful of ice cubes 50 ml Prosecco

Blood Orange and Rosemary Sparkling Cocktails | Alyssa & Carla

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A Bellini recipe that is easy to make and includes martini, Prosecco, syrup and peaches, learn how to make a Bellini with Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube.

Whiskey sour

Whiskey sour

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