Wartime Womens Royal Naval Service recruitment poster / The WRNS, popularly and officially known as the Wrens, was the women's branch of the Royal Navy. First formed in 1917 for WWI, it was disbanded in 1919, then revived in 1939 at the beginning of World War II and remained active until integrated into the Royal Navy in 1993.

Recruiting poster for the WRNS; Recruiting poster for the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS), designed by Joyce Dennys, c.

Naval Doctors, Nurses and Orderlies. Great War.

Nurse at RM Infirmary, Deal - Women - Great War Forum

RCN Edwardian Sailor group

the lad on the left could be Henry Roland Springett , who went on the serve in the RCN during

Midshipman lounging in casement.

Midshipman lounging in casement.

Royal Naval Sailors at mess

Authentic Victorian Royal Navy Mess Plates Mess Bowls, Rum Cups and Rum Casks, Mess Bowls, Antique Naval Dinnerware by Bovey Tracey and WT Copeland Pottery Company used by British Officers and Enlisted Mess Sailors from

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