Hiut Denim - This is our Story- British made jeans..

Hiut, in Cardigan, Wales, is making some kick ass denim. It has a history tag to document the stories when your favorite pair was with you.

Hiut Denim Co: The jeans with the app that tells their history - Telegraph

Howies founders David and Clare Hieatt have launched a new venture, Hiut Denim Co, to revive Cardigan's denim industry

Hiut Denim - The SlimR - Organic

The SlimR - Organic

Hiut Denim - Story

Hiut Denim - a great denim jean brand that would like to get a small town in Wales making jeans again, the way it once did.

Why ‘Side Projects’ matter? — Medium

Why ‘Side Projects’ matter?

Why ‘Side Projects’ matter? — A Small Giant — Medium

Hiut Denim Co. Hacka Slim Selvedge - Slim Fit

Hiut Denim Co.

Hiut Denim - Hemp Selvedge Short Run - SlimR

Hiut Denim - Hemp Selvedge Short Run - SlimR

Hiut Denim, made in Cardigan UK

Hiut Denim, made in Cardigan UK

lookdenim: “Hiut denim ”

Huitt Jeans reviving their local Wales economy by hiring back 400 laid-off denim workers Each pair comes w/history tag that links online so you can doc what you do while wearing them.