Martin Parr - I never fully understand why he photographs what he does, but there's a certain pleasantest and uniqueness to them. I guess ugly but beautiful?

Martin Parr - the rule of three works really well here to show 3 completely different aspects of the seaside

Martin Parr

Please Magazine „Morning ! 👵🏼🥂👵🏼 Let's pretend we're drinking healthy protein smoothies 🤥

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Where the World’s Greatest Photographers Go to Get Away - pictured: Martin Parr, Inner Hebrides, Scotland : Slide Show - NYTimes

Martin Parr

This photograph taken by Martin Parr really tells a lot about a person, by simply showing them drinking, what they are drinking, a view of their environment and what they are wearing. From this you can see he is tanned, rich and cooling off with a drink.

Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio: Martin Parr

A mother holds a sign reading I Heart My Gay Sons at a Gay Pride march, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, photograph by Martin Parr.