Herringbone & Parquet

Two classic patterns, Herringbone and Parquet, feature in this board that combines Lapicida natural stone, porcelain and porcelain wood tiles and surfaces with…
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several stalks of wheat are shown close up
Herringbone barley
Herringbone barley | by glyn_nelson
a bedroom with blue walls and wood floors, an end table in the foreground
Craftwood Vapor
Craftwood Vapor is a hand-crafted wood effect porcelain tile. Inspired by craftsmanship, it brings both charm and elegance to an interior. Suitable for residential and commercial spaces. The smaller format 600 x 75 x 10mm makes it ideal for creating a herringbone style floor. The Craftwood range is available in four colours: Vapor, Natur, Oleum and Royal.
people are standing in front of an orange building with hedges on both sides and a clock tower at the top
an image of wood flooring that looks like it is made out of planks
Parquet | by www.giorgiopuddu.com
an old run down building with stairs and windows in the corner, looking out onto another room
IMG_9714 | by Replifex
an assortment of different colored fabrics on display
an empty room with wooden floors and painted walls
IMG_2751 | by Replifex
there is a stone wall next to the ocean
Herringbone | by Bangkok Bloke 2018
two people walking down a brick walkway next to each other