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Sunflower Wreath Tutorial

DIY KIDS TYRE SEATING See how I recycled plain old tyres into a kids seating area for my son Need excellent tips and hints about arts and crafts? Head to my amazing site!

How to Teach 2D Shape to Preschoolers - one simple DIY project that you can create in less than 20 minutes is the perfect hands on teaching resource for helping young children learn about 2D shapes and their properties | you clever monkey

DIY Line Rocks - to teach pretenders and writers learn words and shapes creativity to create this amazing resource! Cheap and easy to make - perfect for teaching pre-readers and pre-writers shapes, letter and number formation.

Classroom Nautical Schedule or Jobs Cards by SouthernStatement

Printable classroom jobs or schedule cards. Nautical theme with mature primary colors. Jobs/schedule can be customized to your needs.

Make your own river using aluminium foil!

River Unit Make your own river using aluminium foil! (Great for a unit on waterways!