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Writing Lotharingia

A visual journey through the settings and surviving representations of the leading characters of my novel Lotharingia - Charlemagne's Heir
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Matilde's family

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"Kaiserburg"(Castello), Nurnberg Deutschland (Dicembre)


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The cover of my debut novel Lotharingia - out June 11 2021

Lotharingia - The cover

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speyer germany - Yahoo Image Search results
Abbazia di Santa Maria di Farfa, visitare l'Abbazia di Farfa a Fara in Sabina
Abbazia di Farfa : campanile.

Holy Roman Empire - Farfa Abbey

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These images capture some of the settings and characters of my forthcoming historical novel, Lotharingia, due out early next year

Writing Lotharingia - Brixen

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holy spear - Bing images
Found on Bing from commons.wikimedia.org

Writing Lotharingia - The Holy Spear

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The Holy Blood of Mantova The current reliquaries are not the originals from Matilde's age

Writing Lotharingia - The Holy Blood of Mantova

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Writing Lotharingia - Images of Beatrice

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St. Maria im Kapitol | Köln
Shrine of the Three Kings (detail), Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, Germany... King Munderic of Cologne my 40th ggfather
Shrine of the Three Kings (detail), Nicholas of Verdun, gold, silver, and semi-precious stones (1190-1220), Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, Germany

Writing Lotharingia - Cologne

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Who was Matilde of Canossa and what did she look like? She had red blond hair and may have looked a bit like Simonetta Vespucci, the young woman made eternal by Botticelli's paintings.

Writing Lotharingia - Medieval Lucca

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Writing Lotharingia - Mainz

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Cathedral St. Peter, Worms
Worms Cathedral, Germany~ the original building consecrated in 1110. The remainder was mostly finished by 1181, but the west choir and the vaulting were built in the 13th century, the elaborate south portal was added in the 14th century, and the central dome has been rebuilt.
Cathedral St. Peter, Worms

Writing Lotharingia - Worms

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Gareth Harney on Twitter: "1) A story of one of Rome's most tragic archaeological losses and one of its most tantalising remaining possibilities.. 4th February 1544. Demolition of the Old St. Peter's Basilica continues, making way for the new basilica sure to be the greatest church in all of Christendom.. https://t.co/KbSuAff98I" / Twitter
The Byzantine Legacy on Twitter: "Old St. Peter's Basilica by Domenico Tasselli (before 1620) The Old St. Peter’s Basilica was built by Constantine I outside the Walls of Rome on the traditional site of St. Peter's tomb near Nero’s Circus https://t.co/iD9lpuYNR9" / Twitter

Writing Lotharingia - Medieval Rome

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L'abbazia di Nonantola:la chiesa, la cripta e gli affreschi del refettorio
Abbazia di Nonantola - VISITA L’ABBAZIA

Writing Lotharingia - Nonantola

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A Morning In German City of Aachen (17)
Giclee Print: Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Aachen, Aachen Cathedral, Interior of Palatine Chapel : 24x18in

Writing Lotharingia - Aachen

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Monte Valestra (Carpineti, Italy): Top Tips Before You Go - TripAdvisor
Twitter / ERTourism: The #Carpineti #Castle, along the Matilda Trail
Il Castello di Carpineti

Writing Lotharingia - Carpineti

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Canossa, northern Italy
Volando sul ‪Castello‬ di ‪Rossena‬ - Instagram by gazzetta_re

Writing Lotharingia - Rossena

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The imperial palace of Goslar, King Heinrich's birthplace and his favourite residence in his youth.
XI-XII c.Goslar, Lower Saxony, Germany: Kaiserpfalz Goslar. Between 1152 and 1188, the Imperial Palace was at times both the venue for, and at times the cause of, the dispute between Emperor Frederick I and Duke Henry the Lion.
The imperial palace of Goslar, Heinrich IV's favourite castle, where sections of the novel are set

Writing Lotharingia - Goslar Kaisepfalz

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Castello di Canossa
Castello di Canossa

Writing Lotharingia - Canossa

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Dom von Speyer - Speyer Cathedral | Gräber im Dom von Speyer… | Flickr
Speyer Cathedral - TripAdvisor

Writing Lotharingia - Speyer Cathedral

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Henry IV 11 11 1050 7 8 1106 Holy Roman Emperor 5 10 1084 31 12 1105 on the throne seal Salian Duke of Bavaria King
Emperor Henry IV. of the Holy Roman Empire is shown here as giving voluntarily the power to his son and successor Henry V.

Writing Lotharingia - Images of King Heinrich IV of Germany

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Rotonda di San Lorenzo
Mantova palazzo ducale

Writing Lotharingia - Medieval Mantova

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Who was Matilde of Canossa and what did she look like? She had red blond hair and may have looked a bit like Simonetta Vespucci, the young woman made eternal by Botticelli's paintings.

Writing Lotharingia - Images of Countess Matilde of Tuscany

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Wolfenbüttel, Herzog-August-Bibliothek, 334 Gud. Lat. 8°, fol. 4r

Writing Lotharingia - Manuscripts

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Pistoia - Pieve di Sant’Andrea (12th c.) - Pulpit by Giovanni Pisano (1301) GIOVANNI PISANO (Pisa, 1248 ca – Siena, 1315 ca) è stato uno scultore e architetto italiano. #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola
Royal Descents of famous people

Writing Lotharingia - Другое

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