Pretend to be detective by reading tiny writing using magnifying glasses! EYFS

We have tried this in my setting, everyone became phonics detectives! It was amazing and the kiddies loved it!

Superhero Cityscape Art Project with Van Gogh! These are great for preschool through 3rd grade!! Details, stories, and more at Preschool Powol Packets

Superhero Cityscape Art Project with Van Gogh

I knew my kids loved superheros, but I definitely underestimated how much they would love making these Superhero City-scapes inspired by Vi.

Phonics - Decoding for Superheroes #LearningIsFun

Learning Outcomes Decoding for superheroes is a fun phonics activity. Children to not only practice phonics but also to use their knowledge of - 292

measuring up.... Learning about cities and towns using Numicon shapes to measure. Provocation, loose parts, math, equivalence, balance, area, capacity, urban and rural.

I love it when a project crosses curriculum boundaries, and connects the dots among different areas of study -- say, Soc.

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