Bond Bug cutaway

Bond Bug - such a stupid thing. But sorta cool now. Park in the garden like art.I found one in Foxhol but the deal was not accepted.

Canadian Auto Network pin: Reliant Scimitar GTE

Engine: Rebuilt Rover mild tune (Hurricane cam, Holley 390 carb, pistons) 208 BHP on rolling road.

1968 Scimitar SE4 Coupe | eBay

1968 Reliant Scimitar SE4 Coupe Classic Car

This Reliant Scimitar graveyard is home to various models of abandoned cars built and for reduced to mere shells over the decades. 1965 Reliant Scimitar GT Ogle Triplex GTS [SE4A] in "Top Gear, 1978-2001"

Prince Philip getting into his 1965 Reliant Scimitar GT Ogle Triplex GTS (Glazing Test Special)