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thepreppyyogini: New England boat barn classic. Almost time for the end of season lobster bake!

London Blitz

Children of an eastern suburb of London, who have been made homeless by the random bombs of the Nazi night raiders, waiting outside the wreckage of what was their home. September New Times Paris Bureau Collection.


London Blitz 1940: the first day's bomb attacks listed in full

This is called Blitz from Above. This is an image that shows Nazi fighter planes bombing Britain during the Blitz , you can also see smoke coming from below where the bombs had hit buildings.

British propaganda poster

Classic WWII poster produced by British government during intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion.

St. Pauls Cathedral, London 1940.

St Paul's Cathedral undamaged stands out among the devastation caused by the Luftwaffe raid of Dec 29 1940