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Be inspired to create your new bathroom. Whether you are after a full refurbishment or just an update, trends are pointing towards superslim ceramics, accent…
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a bath tub sitting in the middle of a bathroom next to a wall with leaves on it
HIX 2023, London: Enter a new era of connectivity with LAUFEN
Immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of design with the VAL translucent bathtub from LAUFEN. This sculptural masterpiece redefines elegance with transparency. Elevate your bathing experience as the VAL becomes a statement piece in your sanctuary.
LUA: Complete bathroom design
WELCOME to the new LUA: complete bathroom collection from LAUFEN #bathroomdesign #bathroominspiration
Bathtub beauty
Pure forms and high levels of craftsmanship with the LUA bathtub available as freestanding or back-to-wall.
Double washbasin and bathroom furniture in Traffic Grey Home Décor, Dressing Table, Home, Vanity Units, Bathroom Mirror
LUA: Double the space
Create the space for bathroom harmony with the double washbasin and vanity unit from the new collection: LUA #bathroomdesign
the bathroom is clean and ready for us to use it's own sink, toilet, and mirror
Kartell Laufen
Laufen’s concept of the bathroom as an integral part of living space has led to collaboration with Kartell, formulating an extremely well-rounded collection composed of washbasins, toilets, faucets, cabinets, bathtubs and accessories. Discover more on our webpage! #design #bathroom #bathroomdesign #baths #modernbathroom
a white bathroom with yellow cabinet and sink
Kartell Laufen
Discover the Kartell by Laufen collection. The squared forms of the cabinets and the ceramic fixtures offer plenty of options in the choice of transparent accessories, in fashion colors or in matte white and black for a more neutral, purist look. Discover more on our webpage! #design #bathroom #bathroomdesign #baths #modernbathroom
a black and white bathroom with a gold mirror on the wall next to a toilet
Kartell Laufen
The variety and compositional potential offered by the collection are nearly unlimited, thanks to a range of washstands in different sizes and configurations, from the small space-saver washbasin to the larger rectangular model with ample counter space, all the way to the round basin. Discover the Kartell by Laufen collection on our webpage! #design #bathroom #bathroomdesign #baths #modernbathroom
a white toilet sitting next to a sink in a bathroom under a round mirror on the wall
LUA: flexible bathroom design
LUA is a multi-variant collection of washbasins, toilets, furniture, bathtubs and faucets.
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and wooden cabinet in the corner next to it
LUA Bathroom Collection
a white toilet sitting next to a blue cabinet in a bathroom under a mirror with the word lauffen written on it
Kartell Laufen
One very interesting item is the freestanding washstand made in a single piece. A characteristic feature of all the washstands is the body in extremely thin ceramic, which makes them particularly light while providing a large internal surface, even when the overhang of the faucet is minimal. Discover more on our webpage! #design #bathroom #bathroomdesign #baths #modernbathroom
the bathroom is clean and ready for us to use
Kartell Laufen
The wide variety of products in the Kartell by Laufen collection is an absolute breakthrough in the bath furnishings sector, providing unprecedented design freedom. Discover more on our webpage! #design #bathroom #bathroomdesign #baths #modernbathroom
two white toilets sitting next to each other in a room with green walls and flooring
NEW bathroom inspiration
Explore the new collection LUA: from Laufen. The classic, balanced design ensures that LUA works with practically all prevailing interior design styles and life situations. Straight lines, gently rounded corners and edge radii create a pleasing symbiosis with the oval washbasins, washbasin bowls, WCs, bidets and bathtubs. #bathroomdesign #bathroominspiration
a bathroom sink under a round mirror with the word lauffen on it in front of it
Kartell Laufen
The clean geometric lines of the ceramic fixtures and furnishings create the starting point around which to develop one’s own style of bathroom décor, combining the accessories whose transparency brings a sense of lightness, stimulating games of color to create a vivid image or a more neutral, meditative context. Discover more on our webpage! #design #bathroom #bathroomdesign #baths #modernbathroom
a bathroom sink sitting under a round mirror
Everything your heart desires: the new products at ISH 2019 | STYLEPARK
“The New Classic” by Marcel Wanders © Laufen: the new products at ISH 2019 | STYLEPARK
LUA: The design story
Go behind the product with the design story of LUA: from French designer Toan Nguyen. The complete bathroom collection including bathtubs, washbasins, WC's and bathroom furniture.