I love this idea because there are two of the same people in the photo and you are a part of the other persons photo.

Projection Photography

More photos by Lee Kirby playing with lighting, imagery and the scale sizes. A strong and striking piece, using such a simple idea. Tap the link now to find the hottest products to take better photos!

Fencing is a gentlemanly sport. Cloten has most definitely studied it in some way, shape or form.

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Nicholson by Herb Ritts 1986 More

Jack Nicholson 1986

"Herb Ritts: Celebrity And Fashion": "Jack Nicholson, Los Angeles," photograph, gelatin silver print

Google Image Result for http://ris.fashion.telegraph.co.uk/RichImageService.svc/imagecontent/1/TMG8031013/p/fencing-story_ambr_1727021a.jpg

Give good book: Richard Phibbs’ Chasing Beauty , a collection of the photographer’s work since .