Manga Girl Tutorial, by *markcrilley on deviantART. This is really neat - I can't wait to start drawing!

Amiria Gale shell artwork

Composition development by Amiria Gale - painting of shells- This could be a COOL way to incorporate a textural element into an abstract artwork- use the crinkled tissue with pastel rubbed across the top for the shell- watercolor for the abstract lines

Natural forms

Art Sketchbook - artist study focusing on monochrome painting techniques with ink drawings of butterflies & flowers // student sketch book - merge text with background - watercolour wash

object inspired surrealism: Step-by-step shell painting by Amiria Robinson,

Free Art Teacher Resources

A collection of free art resources for teachers provided by the Student Art Guide. Posters and classroom handouts to make the busy teacher& job easier!

dwayne bell illustration

dwayne bell illustration like the lines in this artwork.for crafts maybe have students embroider the lines on an image?