alice fox

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Alice Fox | Tide Line fragments (nails added to weaving then rusted; absolutely beautiful!) Rust+white+gray

"Tidelines" Alice Fox, tapestry rust dyed with nails and salt water.

Alice Fox tapestry weave with found object and rust

Alice Fox tapestry weave with found object and rust - my note - I could see this as a way to display the beautiful rusty square nails that are little found treasures all over the islet from the silver mining days.

Alice Fox rust diaries (detail)

Rust Diaries is a series of works exploring the potential marks and stains made by found rusty metal.

Alice Fox — Leaf Stitching

Leaf Stitching

A tactile landscape 80 page book forming a photographic record of Alice's leaf stitching experiments. Leaf Stitching is part of an ongoing explo.

Alice Fox Textiles: unwrapping

I took a couple of my 'old fishing station' bundles back there towards the end of the week to unwrap them and see what results I would get.